My Take on Shawn Pelofsky

I had a chance to catch the performance of comedian Shawn Pelofsky last night at The Palm. This is the third year in a row that Pelofsky performs in town, and this time around you will have an opportunity to catch her December 15, 17, 18 and 19 at 9:30 at The Palm. But who the hell is she, and why should you care?

¡Déjate de Cosas!

El otro día escuché a Doña Herminia, nuestra Coordinadora de Aseo en la Oficina, hablar con su hijo por teléfono. “Ya déjate de cosas,” le decía. ¡Y mi antenita de español dominguero inmediatamente se puso a trabajar! I heard Doña Herminia, our cleaning lady at work, on the phone with her son the other day. … Continue reading ¡Déjate de Cosas!

Grandes Clásicos del Cine en Pantalla Grande

(English below) Cuando se trata de disfrutar cine de calidad, mientras más grande es la pantalla, mejor, en la mayoría de los casos. Y a pesar que las pantallas planas de televisión y proyectores para el hogar son cada vez más accesibles, hay películas que se disfrutan mejor en el cine, particularmente si éste está … Continue reading Grandes Clásicos del Cine en Pantalla Grande

Good News (and a personal request…)

Dear friends, (español abajo) I have good news, and a personal invitation to make a difference in a project that is very dear to me. I have recently been invited to join the Los Mangos Public Library’s Board of Directors, spearheading the development of its artistic and curricular activities. It is truly an honor to volunteer … Continue reading Good News (and a personal request…)

Some Thoughts on Equus

Not being any better acquainted with theater than your average enthusiast, it is rather difficult for me to speak in precise terms about Perro Bravo’s production of Peter Schaffer’s acclaimed 1973 play Equus, which opened two days ago at Act II Entertainment’s Main Stage, Alain Perreault directing. But as a Puerto Vallarta resident, deeply invested … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Equus

Three Tools for Successful Online Promotion

(español abajo) Unless you happen to be a very successful performer, chances are you will have to make a bit of noise on your behalf to let potential audiences know about your upcoming gigs in town. In this day and age when just about everyone uses Facebook, you’d think the only thing one needs to … Continue reading Three Tools for Successful Online Promotion

Greater Tuna Opens at The Palm

Just think about it for a second: Greater Tuna, the comedic play by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard about life in Southern small-town USA (Texas, specifically), calls for two male actors playing a cast of over twenty male and female characters of different ages. The stage exit and entrance sequences alone, in order … Continue reading Greater Tuna Opens at The Palm

Meet Anna Russell

Truly, one of my music appreciation heroes... I came across one of her LPs when I was in my teens and haven't stopped laughing whenever I listen to her, or watch her videos. And since tomorrow some of us will be enjoying Carmen at Teatro Vallarta, I share this, which is available for purchase in … Continue reading Meet Anna Russell

50K Google Views!

I received some love from Google today, regarding my 360º panoramic spheres, available at Google Views. Over 50,000 views! Feel free to have a look at the available images. Presently, I'm in the middle of cataloguing all the Malecón sculptures in a connected tour (below). I'm also building a tour for the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Fun … Continue reading 50K Google Views!

Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert: Business as Usual

In many ways, the sophomore Christmas Concert at Teatro Vallarta by the Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus was very similar to their freshman effort. The ensemble, smaller than last year, delivered a variety of holiday favorites, and some lesser known selections—accompanied with piano and the occasional rhythm section—to a slightly smaller audience. Like last year, special … Continue reading Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert: Business as Usual

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta’s Performing Arts Reality Show!

(español abajo) When NBC cancelled Smash—the TV network’s star-studded evening musical drama about Broadway professionals striving to reach the top of their game—last season, many of us were left standing cold turkey, in search of a substitute to whet our appetites. Fortunately for those of us that live in Puerto Vallarta, there is no shortage … Continue reading Welcome to Puerto Vallarta’s Performing Arts Reality Show!