Red Sneakers


I was at Galería Pacífico yesterday, interviewing my friend, owner Gary Thompson, after completing his last free tour of the Malecón Sculptures of the season. This was the tenth year he has offered these free tours along Puerto Vallarta’s scenic landmark, with donations going to Los Mangos Library, so they were present to offer him a gift.

While I was conducting the interview, I noticed that a photographer kept taking photos of us. “For posterity,” I thought. But later on, when Los Mangos director Adriana García posted the photo on Facebook, I quickly realized that Gary and I had been both wearing red sneakers! I never bothered to look down during the event.

Estuve en Galería Pacífico ayer, entrevistando a mi amigo y propietario Gary Thompson, después de concluir su último tour gratuito de las esculturas del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta. Es el décimo año que ofrece los tours, que benefician con donaciones a la Biblioteca Los Mangos, quienes estuvieron presentes para presentarle un obsequio.

Durante la entrevista, noté que una fotógrafa tomaba fotos de nosotros, “para la posteridad,” pensé. Pero luego, al ver que Adriana García, directora de Los Mangos, había subido esta foto a Facebook, me percaté que Gary yo yo ambos traíamos Converse rojos puestos, ¡de lo que jamás me di cuenta durante el evento!

¡Gracias, Adriana y Estrella!

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