A Taste of Zoë Lewis during ‘Grease’

I’ve been excited about Provincetown-based performer Zoë Lewis’ Puerto Vallarta debut since Tracy Parks of The Palm told me about her a few months ago. I remember him sending me a YouTube link to one of her performances, asking “should I book her?” Without knowing anything about her prior to that, I answered: “What are you waiting for?”

You see, some artists are great at marketing themselves, while others are simply fortunate that kind folks with cameras and video recording devices are on the right spot at the right time, capturing their performances. What I’ve seen in her YouTube video channel falls in both categories. I was immediately drawn to the way she was making audiences react to her music, not to mention her ability not only as a vocalist, but also playing keyboards, ukulele and spoons, to name a few instruments. It’s no wonder she has been referred to as “a band in a body” before! Check out the following video and watch her GO!

Anyhow, when I learned that she would arrive in Puerto Vallarta the evening before The Palm Does Grease, I jumped at the opportunity to introduce her to local audiences during our show. Tracy eagerly orchestrated the connection between us, and now I’m happy to announce that we will get a taste of her talent, indeed!

The Palm has an excellent writeup on Zoë Lewis that will make you excited about catching one of her shows. She’ll be performing at The Palm March 2 – 22. And if you were already considering attending my upcoming show, The Palm Does Grease (don’t be shy, I know you are!) we all now have something new and exciting to enjoy during the show with her participation!

Amy Armstrong, Bohemia Viva, Kim Kuzma, Piel Canela, Alain Perreault, Juan Pablo Hernández, Coco Peru, Miss Conception, all on stage with me, at one point or another, with one mission: to enjoy ourselves while we entertain our audience paying an irreverent tribute to the popular movie musical Grease. How can you miss that?

Not convinced? Have you imagined what it would be like if Rizzo was on her own in Puerto Vallarta with a bottle of tequila within arm’s reach?

We have and we’ll show her to you!

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