Announcing “The Palm Does Grease”

Our next tribute at The Palm, The Palm Does Grease, has been brewing for a long time. Released in 1978, the film version starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John took the world by surprise, shattering box-office records and annoying the entire Hollywood machine, particularly those who had little hope for the film during the production stages in the first place.

Both the film and the original stage version of Grease (and I mean the very first 1971 Chicago one) are rich in historical detail and context, making them ideal for storytelling at The Palm. Originally slated for last month—we had wanted to do it before FOX’s live broadcast from last week—we had to delay this tribute due to workload and other factors.

The delay, however, turned out to be a blessing.

The stars aligned, literally, during the month of February, with great visiting talent in Puerto Vallarta, including Amy Armstrong and Kevin Levesque—a.k.a. Miss Conception, who will collaborate with local talent (Kim Kuzma, Bohemia Viva and Piel Canela, among others) to perform many of the songs from the film and stage versions of Grease. Audience sing-along will be expected and encouraged!

As usual, I’m humbled by all these talented individual’s eager enthusiasm to collaborate with me on my projects, and always grateful to The Palm Cabaret and Bar owners and staff, particularly Tracy Parks, for trusting my zany ideas.

What can you expect if you attend? Well, we are NOT doing the musical. What we are doing is recreating some of the most iconic songs from Grease, and sharing a ton of interesting stories surrounding the original productions, and video snippets from the original 1978 film and the live TV broadcast from this past weekend, all of which will hopefully encourage us to connect with the musical again, in one way or another.

We look forward to seeing you at The Palm on Saturday, February 27 at 4 pm! Don’t forget to visit for reservations and ticket information.

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