Presenting “The Kim Kuzma Songbook”

The Kim Kuzma Songbook, my next presentation at The Palm Cabaret and Bar is a full circle return to the artist that inspired my first one: Kim Kuzma. I clearly remember driving to work one day, listening to her Acústico CD, and thinking to myself “there is some awesome stuff going on in here… I wonder if other people are noticing.” Several weeks later, there I was, front and center at The Palm stage with a captive audience, discussing vocal styles, production and performance details, and other nuances!

Upon listening to Acústico II, her follow-up production, I noticed the very diverse music sources and inspirations she chose to tackle on this record, which represents a large portion of her live performance in Puerto Vallarta this season. In putting together The Kim Kuzma Songbook, I hope audiences will get a glimpse at some of the song choices Kim has made throughout her musical career, including some surprising choices from her early years, but will focus largely on the material in Acústico II.

So, if you are a fan of Kim Kuzma and her live performances in Puerto Vallarta, I hope that The Kim Kuzma Songbook will present you with new musical angles to appreciate next time you catch her show or listen to her CD. And if you are not familiar with her music yet, I hope that my presentation will encourage you to explore and discover one of the most dynamic, soulful and fulfilling entertainers in Puerto Vallarta today.

The Kim Kuzma Songbook will be a one-time performance at The Palm, on Saturday, January 16, 4 pm.

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