Greater Tuna Opens at The Palm

Just think about it for a second: Greater Tuna, the comedic play by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard about life in Southern small-town USA (Texas, specifically), calls for two male actors playing a cast of over twenty male and female characters of different ages. The stage exit and entrance sequences alone, in order to keep the action going while costume changes are hurriedly carried out in the back, are totally mind blowing. Can a local production live up to the task? Absolutely!

Greater Tuna is currently playing at The Palm Cabaret and Bar for a limited time, with actors Chaz Weathers and Tracy Parks on the lead—the latter known to many as the venue’s manager. I was there on opening night, and very happy to attend, knowing that the project has been in Tracy’s bucket list for quite some time. Watching him and Chaz bring these quirky characters to life while executing a tightly choreographed performance was very much worth the admission price, and the venue lends itself very well to this particular show.

Tracy has always known how to generate favorable buzz about the performances at The Palm, and his decision to invite a carefully selected group of friends to a video screening of the play a couple weeks ago, set the wheels in motion, as far as word-of-mouth promotion is concerned. And carefully chosen appearances of the actors around Olas Altas—in full costume, no less—prior to opening night helped fuel anticipation.

Greater Tuna may prove a bit challenging for non-English native speakers, or those not familiar with the thick Texas accent used during the entire performance. But for the rest of us, the play was definitely worth it, and will only improve with a couple more runs. Don’t miss it!

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