“Ten Great Songs” Music Appreciation Lecture Announced


DATE: February 20, 2014

CONTACT: Paco Ojeda • paco@paco-ojeda.com • (322) 135-0791

“Ten Great Songs” Music Appreciation Lecture Announced

After the successful presentation of “Bossa Nova, Kim Kuzma and Other Musical Musings,” local music enthusiast Paco Ojeda has just announced a follow-up lecture, titled “Ten Great Songs and Their Stories.” The one-time, 90-minute lecture will be presented in English at The Palm Cabaret and Bar on Sunday, March 9, at 4:30 pm, and will feature live performances by guest artists Amy Armstrong, John D. Randall, Beata Stankiewicz and Bohemia Viva.

“This will be a journey of another kind,” explained Ojeda, who is known for his work as Managing Editor at the Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group. “The number of truly remarkable songs out there is unimaginable. I’ve selected ten songs  I’ve come across that truly shine, because of the fascinating stories behind them, or the ones told through their lyrics. There are great composers and lyricists out there, and some of the choices will be familiar, while others will be brand-new discoveries for those attending.”

Some of the composers featured in “Ten Great Songs and Their Stories” include Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, Joni Mitchell, and music theater composer/lyricist Adam Gwon, who has provided Ojeda with direct, personal insight about his song I’ll Be Here, chosen for the lecture. Hailed as “a promising newcomer to our talent-hungry musical theater” by The New York Times, Gwon has penned several musicals produced at the Roundabout Theatre Company, Signature Theatre, South Coast Repertory, and many other theaters around the globe, including in London’s West End. The song, from his musical Ordinary Days, will be showcased during the lecture. “I am honored to be included in ‘Ten Amazing Songs,” Gwon commented via e-mail. “Sharing cocktails with an audience and analyzing great theater songs sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.”

During the 90-minute lecture, the audience will learn about each song’s unique background. In some cases, a video will be presented to better understand and appreciate the lyrics of each song. In other cases, however, Ojeda will rely on the extraordinary talent of local and visiting artists, vocalist Amy Armstrong, pianist John D. Randall, soprano Beata Stankiewicz, and the Argentinean duet Bohemia Viva, comprised of vocalist Andrea Mottura and vocalist/guitarist Luis Lujan. They will be performing several of the ten songs featured during the lecture.

“The fun challenge is that, for each of the guest artists that will perform during the lecture, I have selected a song they have never sung before, allowing them to ‘bond’ with it on their own terms, and present the song to us accordingly,” added Ojeda. “And for audiences not familiar with the artists, they will get a taste of some of the amazing talent currently performing live in town.”

“Ten Great Songs and Their Stories” will be presented at The Palm Cabaret & Bar on Sunday, March 9, at 4:30 pm. Tickets are $150 pesos per person, $50 pesos for students and teachers with a local ID. Tickets are available at The Palm’s box office and through www.vallartatickets.com. The Palm Cabaret & Bar is located at Olas Altas 508 in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. For more information, feel free to contact Paco Ojeda directly.

Praise for “Bossa Nova, Kim Kuzma and Other Musical Musings

“I was extremely humbled, honored and more appreciative than I thought possible for your lecture on our Acústico CD.”
Kim Kuzma, singer/songwriter

“A great musician and presenter. A brilliant idea and addition to the booming music and theater scene in Puerto Vallarta”
Sharon Baughman, singer / vocal coach

“I love learning more about what we already love!”
—Julie Guerrero, owner, No Way José!


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