The Tao of Paper Mâché

I’m not saying that paper mâché is a metaphor for life.

What I’m saying is that you could spend your life in the bargain basket, tossed away and forgotten, surrounded by other tossed-aways. Or you could shine above the others, try a different color and a different finish, meld with unexpected materials, becoming something unique and unimaginable.

Little did I realize that, while I was working on these shoes, I was actually working on something bigger, even more unique.

El Tao del Papel Maché

Not that paper mâche is a metaphor for anything, or anything…

Yo no digo que el papel maché es una metáfora de vida.

Lo que digo es que podrías vivir tu vida en la canasta de baratijas, tirado, olvidado y rodeado de tiradero. O podrías brillar inesperadamente, intentar un color o acabado diferente, combinarte con materiales inesperados, y así convertirte en algo único e inimaginable.

No es que el papel maché sea metáfora de algo, o nada…

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