The Metropolitan Opera Comes to Jalisco


For several years now, (four, I believe) New York’s Metropolitan Opera company has been broadcasting their Saturday Matinee performances live from Lincoln Center in high definition, to selected movie theaters in the United States and an increasing number of countries. The Peabody and Emmy Award-winning endeavor involves the latest audio and video technology, with ten different high-definition cameras strategically positioned all over the theater and Dolby digital surround sound to give moviegoers the experience of actually being right in New York’s Lincoln Center. And the experience is better, in some respects, due to carefully rehearsed camera shots, pans and close-ups. For all I know, Mexico has been one of the 40 countries around the world that participate in these live presentations for a while, but I didn’t take notice until two days ago, when I received my latest email update from Ticketmaster Mexico. Here’s the scoop:

All performances are at Teatro Diana in Guadalajara.

All performances are on Saturdays at 12 Noon. The dates for this season are:

I must admit that, being somewhat of an opera junkie and having been to the Met a number of times while living in the Northeast, it seems a bit odd to me to sit at a theater to watch a live simulcast. But apparently, it’s quite the rage in the US. Plus let’s face it: this is probably as close as the Met is going to get to Guadalajara! The FAQ page on the website mentions that in some cities, folks even dress up, as is expected on any event of such caliber in New York City. The FAQ also mentions that Latin American broadcasts are subtitled in Spanish, so you might want to brush up on your language skills and/or check out the Wikipedia links I included above to learn more about the plots. The MET’s website features a nice preview of what the experience is like:

Now imagine that in a huge screen, popcorn and all!

Interested in going? At the very least, I’m all over Carmen on January 16!

Oh, and to purchase tickets, visit the Ticketmaster Mexico website where you can also sign up for free to receive periodic alerts of interesting cultural events and concerts coming to our area, Guadalajara. Tickets for the Met performances are very affordable, $80 – $250 pesos.