Three Things I’d Buy at Angel’s Store


I was walking around my neighborhood today when I heard my name called from across the street. Much to my surprise, it was Angel Torres, an amazing hair and fashion stylist who has collaborated with me in a couple of photo shoots, including a Vallarta Lifestyles cover featuring top local restaurateurs. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Angel and as I crossed Lázaro Cárdenas St. to greet him, I realized he’s opened his own men’s clothing and accessories store. In fact, the shop hasn’t even been open for a month. The space is tiny, but he’s stocked it with carefully chosen items, from which I zeroed in on three, had I been shopping for them:

Embroidered Cap


It is not often that I wear one, but if I was going somewhere interesting, say, a party, I might be inclined to make a statement with one of these. Other designs were available as well.

Underwear in Many Colors


You may be wondering if I actually wear this kind, if I use them for photo shoots, or if I give them away as gifts. Guess what? I’m not telling!

Flashy LED Wristatches


I must say I haven’t worn a wristwatch for almost five years when I misplaced the only one I had. And why wear them? Our cell phones and iPods can tell time! Again, for a special occasion, I’d be inclined to wear something playful like these.

Angel’s Store
Lázaro Cárdenas 256, Col. Emiliano Zapata
Puerto Vallarta