Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies


Finding out my friends’ hidden interests and talents is something I truly enjoy. Not too long ago, I decided to pack my paper crafting supplies and headed south to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, looking for a peaceful afternoon to work on my paper mache refrigerator magnets (more on that, soon!). I ran across my friends Jorge Aguilera and Kelly Nelson, who were also in search of a leisure day with their two dogs. When Jorge saw me with my fingers covered in white glue, he approached me and said: “I do crafty stuff too!” Little did I know that, in his free time, he decorates these amazing wooden boxes with playful characters, his own creations, which I got to see up-close a few days later!

Jorge has been hand-painting and decorating small wooden boxes for five years, selling them at Dorothy Surrender in Los Angeles and a few shops in Ft. Lauderdale. Locally, they can be found at Arte Popular Mexicano. He orders the boxes in bulk from Michoacán an uses acrylic paints and varnish to decorate them. He then adds finishing touches, such as strings of beads and other jewels. And in the case of the leather daddies, he recycles soda cans and engraves playful little… well, just take a look at the photographs below!

[nggallery id=31]

Not only is each box one of a kind, Jorge confessed that many of his characters are inspired by actual Puerto Vallarta folk. Can you recognize anybody? The boxes are very affordable and make truly special presents.

A man of many talents, Jorge is an architect and an artist. He worked for Merv Griffin Productions and Disney in stage design for many years prior to moving permanently to Puerto Vallarta. He is presently considering expanding his repertoire, hoping to create a stylish line of beach bags and t-shirts. If you’d like to have a close encounter with his gordas or his daddies, just contact him directly!

Jorge Aguilera
Cel: (322) 168-2722

4 thoughts on “Jorge's Gordas and Leather Daddies

  1. I love these boxes, I already wrote to him to get more information.
    You are such an amazing person, you find the best of people and then share them with us, thank you. Deb


  2. Soy un Fan de las cajas decoradas, son un buen accesorio de decoración y le dan buena vida a los espacios. Y de verdad que estas cajas me encantaron, feminidad y rudesa.


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