Puerto Vallarta Sundown Time Lapse Video


I did this quick and dirty time lapse video of Puerto Vallarta bay while dining at some friends’ Conchas Chinas condo sometime last week. As the sun went down, I had to adjust the aperture on my camera to compensate for the increasing darkness, which explains the sudden changes in lighting on the video. This is the view from one of the top units at La Cima III. Notice the Marigalante, a popular Puerto Vallarta attraction, and landmark looping around the bay, eventually getting closer to the Malecón to blast the nightly fireworks, usually around 9 pm. The Marigalante is one of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite attractions, offering daytime and evening cruises, along with a pirate show onboard.

4 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta Sundown Time Lapse Video

  1. Nice one Paco!
    You shot on manual, yes?
    Do AV at f8 +/-
    and you won’t have that light shift.
    Even still the light will jump a bit so use a polarizer or better yet Neutral density filter


    1. Thanks Miguel!

      I did shoot on manual and was aware of the fact that it was not going to be completely fluid. I would have paid closer attention but there was amazing food on the table and that took priority! 😉


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