Send an Electronic Postcard!


So many of us are all about taking snapshots and sharing our latest pics with our friends. Unfortunately, not that many of us are about properly sizing our images prior to sending them via email. So what happens when you are trying to share 20 photos you took of your darling daughter’s ballet performance to a list of ten people? Well, if you are using a recent digital camera, chances are each photograph will be hefty in size, making your email message take forever to send, not to mention the fact that many email services will not allow messages that exceed a certain size to begin with.

I recently discoverd SodaSnap. SodaSnap is a nifty electronic postcard service that allows you to create & share postcards from a computer with email capabilities, following exactly the same steps you would follow if you were using your email application to send the photo to your recipient directly. Instead, however, use your email application to send an email message to Use the subject line of the email to compose the message you wish to send, and use the body of the email to add your friends’ email addresses. Attach the photograph to the email message as you would ordinarily do, and hit “send.”

Here is a screen shot of my email application, as it was configured to send myself a test postcard:


And here is the postcard I received in my mailbox, just a few minutes later:


There are two advantages to this method:

  1. SodaSnap automatically resizes your images for you, so you don’t have to worry about offending your recipient with humongous images.
  2. SodaSnap allows you to personalize your postcard by adding a little message to it.

Of course, there is one disadvantage. SodaSnap postcards remain on their website for the world to see, so if you want to send your beau a few of those late night shots you did in bed last week using the brand-new handcuffs, you may want to take the more traditional approach and email directly your beau directly!

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