Polo in San Pancho


There is something inherently elegant about the sport of polo. At least I always thought there was. After all, I had never experienced a polo match in person. That is, until this weekend, only an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, right in the middle of San Pancho. Who knew that there is a thriving polo community right in the heart of town? I was there working on a couple of photo assignments, one of which included a stop at Rancho La Patrona Club de Polo, where the fun takes place. Rancho La Patrona not only offers exhibition tournaments every Saturday at 5:30 PM. Once a month they organize extended events that surround the polo matches that go from 3:30 PM until late evening, and include magic shows, body painting, flamenco dancers, mariachi performances, helicopter aerial acrobatics, mimes, and more, all for a $35 USD cover price. Additionally, the restaurant offers spectacular food, and the overall experience felt more like a cross between a Fellini movie and Cirque du Soleil. Try it for yourself next time you travel in that general direction as the experience is a great getaway! (But don’t forget that Nayarit time is one hr. earlier than that of Puerto Vallarta. So it starts at 4:30 PM, PV time.)

Rancho La Patrona Club de Polo
Ceilan 10, Col. Centro
San Pancho, Riviera Nayarit
(311) 258-4378

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