Visiting Galleria Dante

If a Puerto Vallarta newcomer on a tight schedule were to ask me “I only have time to explore one art gallery while in town. Which one would you recommend?” I would not hesitate to suggest Galleria Dante. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that Dante is special or better than any of the other unique art galleries in town. But for anyone trying to get a basic idea of the extraordinary variety of art you can find in Puerto Vallarta, Dante is a fantastic starting point. The gallery is conveniently located along Basilio Badillo St. in a popular stretch not far from Olas Altas St., where you will also find all sorts of dining and shopping choices. And if sculpture is your thing, Dante does represent more artists than anybody else in town, featuring a permanent collection of bronzes ranging in size and budget from a few inches to large creations, suitable for an outdoor setting.

At Dante you can ask questions and shop with confidence—everyone is bilingual! And for repeat visitors like myself, seasoned gallery owners Joe and Claire Guarniere always keep things interesting by constantly rotating their displays, making it easy to get lost in time while exploring their various exhibition spaces.

Take a look at the following gallery to discover some of the particular pieces that intrigued me this afternoon:

[nggallery id=14]

Galleria Dante
Basilio Badillo 269, Col. Emiliano Zapata
(322) 222-2477

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