Seven Life Lessons from Roberto Bermejo

Feliz Navidad from Roberto Bermejo!You may be asking yourself, “who is Roberto Bermejo?” I asked myself the exact same question earlier this week, when I received an email message from him asking me to write about him in this blog. Did I meet him at some party? At the office, perhaps? My first reaction was to dismiss the request. After all, I did set out to write a blog about people and places I’m familiar with. I was intrigued, tho. Who is this guy and how did he find me? A quick search through my work and personal email accounts revealed that he exhibits his work at a local gallery, Art by Design in Marina Vallarta, which also happens to be a Vallarta Lifestyles client.

So I decided to go to Art by Design to acquaint myself with his work. After all, it’s only a five-minute walk from my office! But even before doing so, upon further examination of his email message, I realized that there were some important life lessons there, which I wish to share with whomever finds them useful, as we go about the challenging and often frustrating task of promoting what we do here in Puerto Vallarta:

1. Don’t assume that people can read minds.

Roberto has recently opened a gallery in Sayulita and he sent me an invitation to check it out. Had he not shared this information with me on his email, I may have never found out about his new gallery. Clearly, he understands the fact that people in the business of broadcasting news (i.e. the media) have no special telepathic abilities. Good call!

2. Be clear about your wants and needs so you can obtain the outcome you expect.

Roberto specifically said “I hope you have a space in your blog for people to find out about it.” I’m not religious, but I do believe Matthew said “ask and ye shall receive.” Voilà!

3. Let your target know you’re interested in them by doing some homework ahead of time.

In the footer of his email, I noticed that Roberto had subscribed to my blog, which means that he found its content interesting. Since he showed interest in my world, not only did he flatter me; the least I can do is reciprocate by showing interest in his!

4. Whenever possible, remind your target of a previous conversation.

I must have smoked way too much pot in my 20s. I have the worst memory! Since I assume that just about everybody smoked way too much pot in their 20s and consequently suffer from bad memory, I always try to say something along the lines of “you may recall we met last week” or in the absence of a previous acquaintance, something along the lines of “I haven’t had the chance to meet you…” Roberto had me at a loss here… Maybe we dated…

5. If you are sending unsolicited images (JPGs) attached to an email message, have the courtesy to make them small, particularly if you are sending more than one.

Roberto got that one right! His two images were a comfy 200 KB. How many times have we received an email message that takes forever to download on your computer (or even worse, at a cybercafe) only to find out that it was high-resolution images you were not even requesting? Way too many, if you ask me. A similar offender is your favorite friend/relative sending the latest photos of their poochie via chat… Oi!

6. If you are sending important information in an image, make sure you also include a text version of the information.

Take a look at the invitation that Roberto sent me. All the relevant information is there. But there are two risks inherent in this course of action. First off, many mail programs, particularly those that are web-based such as Yahoo or Gmail, may not show images by default. So, if you are sending a message in which your content consists of nothing but a JPEG file, chances are your recipient may not go through the trouble of decoding/downloading the images, particularly if they were unsolicited. Secondly, if your intention is for the content of the invitation to be distributed in text format, (as in a calendar notice, or press release) you put your information in the hands of the recipient, who may or may not be a good typist. If you actually type the information, the recipient can simply copy & paste it to avoid typos.

7. Send a treat!

A nice touch! Roberto attached a Christmas illustration as a gift, which is both a nice touch and also gives me a visual idea of what he does, and which I can now share with you (see above). Sweet!

Still with me? If so, you may be wondering if I actually made it to Art by Design to check out Roberto Bermejo’s work. I did. It’s spectacular! He is a gifted landscape artist who does a great job at capturing the beauty of Puerto Vallarta and surroundings. Next time you find yourself in Sayulita, check out his gallery (I know I will) or stop by Art by Design in Marina Vallarta to see his work on display there.

Art by Design Gallery
Marina Las Palmas II, L18, Marina Vallarta
(322) 221-1985

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbi says:

    Oh wise wonderful one, please please help us poor souls that have no idea how to send smaller images (point 5). Oh yeah and where the hell do the images I zip go after I click that button?
    Have I mentioned I now have to go the Marina to see Robertos beautiful art, thanks to you and your amazing way with words.
    I didn’t smoke alot of pot I still can’t remember, what excuse can I use? Don’t even mention age.
    Your number 1 fan, The Queen


  2. Paco Ojeda says:

    hahaha zipped images go to heaven after you click the button!

    Actually, rather than going to Marina, we should plan a daytrip to Sayulita and meet him in person! Say when!


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