Make a Puerto Vallarta Origami Balloon!

You probably noticed the 360 panoramic image I did last weekend of Los Muertos Pier. Now you can teach your kids (or yourself, for that matter) how to turn it into an Origami ball! The Japanese art of paper folding, Origami has been around for centuries, and today, it’s practiced and continuously developed by children and adults worldwide. Interestingly enough, the most common variations of origami you are likely to experience in Puerto Vallarta are either in the hands of hundreds of waiters, who carefully present their folded fabric napkins in most of our gourmet restaurants, or by way of the housekeeping staff at major hotels, where folding towels into intricate shapes and placing them on the guests’ bed upon arriving, or folding the ends of toilet paper rolls into flowers is quite common.

With a bit of image manipulation trickery, however, I’ve turned the 360 into an image that, when printed and folded and inflated according to the following instructions, will produce a balloon-shaped version which you can use to amuse your kids, impress your friends, or get yourself a hot date! (Although I tried this and failed miserably…)


Ready to take on the challenge of holding Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach in the palm of your hand??


The origami balloon or water bomb is a very popular and easy-to-fold inflatable origami figure. It is so popular, in fact, that a Google search for the phrase “origami balloon” returned quite a few tutorial links with step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and even a few videos. A few of such links are listed below:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Find some paper you can practice with and give it a shot until you succeed in making an inflatable balloon. Resist the urge to use it as a water bomb, however. I did this quite a few times as a child and got into a lot of trouble! Once you’ve mastered the origami balloon, give it a shot with the downloadable image of Los Muertos Pier!

Download and Print the Los Muertos Pier Origami Balloon

The jpeg file has enough resolution for you to successfully print the image in a letter-size piece of paper using a (preferably) color printer. Most printers do not print all the way to the edge of the paper so you will have to trim the edges.

Click here to download! (You may have to right-click and “save as…”)


Let me know if you were able to fold your own Los Muertos Origami Balloon! Feel free to send me a photo of your creation and I’ll gladly post it here, somewhere!

Have fun!

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