Jazzy Martinis at Garbo

When my dear friends Alec and Stephen visited Puerto Vallarta in October, 2006, they were so smitten with this swanky martini bar, I think they made it a point to stop by for a cocktail every single day they spent here. To this day, every time I chat with Alec online and I mention Garbo, he reacts with an “awww” or something to that effect. Oozing with a distinct East Village vibe, Garbo consistently allures tourists and locals, gay and straight, with its creative martini offerings. It was singled out with the “Best Martini” award at this year’s VirtualVallarta.com Readers’ Choice Awards ceremony. A variety of local and visiting musicians make regular appearances, spicing up the mood with a few late-night sets. But perhaps my favorite feature at Garbo is the exquisitely careful pairing that owners German and Javier have made between the venue’s mood and their hand-picked choice of background music, giving Garbo an unmistakably consistent image: jazz vocal heaven! I haven’t set foot in any other business in Puerto Vallarta that gets the concept of background music specifically selected to match the business’ mood as well as these guys do.

Of course, none of this is as important as my friends Alec and Stephen discovering this post, and enjoying the 360, so they can be constantly reminded of their favorite Puerto Vallarta hangout, and constantly reminded that they are loved and missed down here. It’s too cold in Rhode Island, my dears! Please come back to visit soon…

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Púlpito 142, Col. Emiliano Zapata
(322) 223-5753

2 thoughts on “Jazzy Martinis at Garbo

  1. And discover it we did! ¡Muchisísimas gracias, Paco!

    I think what did us in, (besides the great drinks and music) was just how friendly everyone was to us there the first night we were there, exhausted after a long flight.

    We loved it – thanks, Paco – and thanks to the caballeros en Garbo! One of these days, I’m sure we’ll be there again.

    Alec & Stephen


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