Looking for Mexican Comfort Food? Try Molletes!

When it comes to comfort food in Mexico, few items come as close to heaven as Molletes. Think of them as a sort of Mexican pizza, but keep in mind that pizza is nowhere near as comforting as these treats are! In their most basic presentation, molletes are bolillos (a traditional Mexican variation of the French baguette, but smaller and rounder) sliced in half with a layer of refried beans and a one of shredded cheese (Chihuahua, Monterey Jack, or cheddar) placed on top of the beans. They are then thrown in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt, and served immediately thereafter. Frequently, they are served with a bowl of pico de gallo salsa (coarsely chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro and lime or lemon juice).

Molletes bring back memories of skipping class during high school in Mexico City, and dashing to the nearest Sanborn’s or Vip’s, where they are commonly offered, for an early morning serving of molletes and a hot cup of coffee… long conversations with friends and loved ones, not to mention movie nights at home, for molletes are easy to prepare.

Where can one find and enjoy such a delicacy? When my friend Debbi Egan was trying out new menu items for Banana Cantina, her popular restaurant, and I learned that they were considering molletes as one of the options. I nearly fell off my chair! To the best of my knowledge, there was no other restaurant south of the Rio Cuale serving them, and when I took a bite into the chef’s own take on them, I knew they were onto something.

Molletes frequently include different toppings beyond the basic beans and cheese layers, giving them a unique identity wherever you go. Banana Cantina has personalized their version with an additional layer of finely chopped pieces of grilled beef, a touch of sour cream for flavor and ornament, and a hearty portion of guacamole, making them either a complete meal, or a great entrée, after one of their soups. And the best part of it: they are just as tasty for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Banana Cantina is located at the corner of Amapas and Pulpito, right above Choco Banana.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Mexican Comfort Food? Try Molletes!

  1. Yes it is me Debbi and yes this is my restaurant and yes these wondeful molletes were prepared there but…. Paco makes everything better, in our year of excellence having him there to photograph, write, taste, brain storm, is the real treat.
    Paco Ojeda you are brilliant and I am so grateful for you in my life, hugs, Debbi


  2. Awww… You know, we’d be too selfish if we didn’t share these tasty secrets with others! I hope many folks will come into your restaurant to try the molletes. If they do, you get to keep them on the menu. And if you do, I get to eat more of them!


  3. The Molletes and Paco, two great things for us at BananaCantina. The molletes have been a great success since we’ve added them to the menu. For some it’s a great dish with memories from before and as Paco says comfort food, and for others who have never known molletes, it is a great flavorful experience and afterward a new craving. Paco, thank you for helping us put them out there…now everyone just needs to come in and give them a try!


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