Watch a Video and Discover San Pancho!

The latest edition of Vallarta Lifestyles magazine features a getaway article about this peaceful town, only less than an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. As usual, I’ve assembled photographes taken by myself along with other photographers, and produced a short video to complement the article. Taking advantage of the fact that the town is so accessible to those of us living in Puerto Vallarta, we took our time visiting on several occasions throughout the past few months, and got to discover some great places, and meet some wonderful people along the way. Since we began our research before the summer months, we were advised that this particularly hot time of year would not be a good time to visit. And while I found that most businesses do close during the summer months, thus decreasing the opportunity to go shopping and dine at different places, I did find San Pancho to be a perfect place to get away from it all, as long as I had access to a nice air-conditioned room, and/or a swimming pool! Much to my advantage, both places where I stayed, Roberto’s Bungalows and The Inn at San Pancho, feature wi-fi, so it was fun to get away and stay in touch at the same time.

The article is available online at You can find links to Roberto’s and The Inn at San Pancho on my links page, where you will also find other useful Puerto Vallarta-related links.


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