Los Nuevos Chicos de Antropology

José González, proud owner of Antropology, invited me to offer my photographic welcome to his latest dancer/hosts. Despite the fact that there are other venues in Puerto Vallarta that feature male strippers, there isn’t a single ones that delivers with such panache as Antropology does. José always has over a dozen guys at his disposal, and they come (no pun intended!) in different shapes, sizes and colors, available to amuse and entice you from 9 PM until the wee hours. Dealing with the guys is no different than hitting a piñata. The more you hit them (with tips, of course!) the more sweet treats and surprises will land upon you! Unlike piñatas, that disintegrate the more you hit them, these guys seem to just get happier and happier the more you do!

Morelos 101, El Centro

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