Tsunami Sushi Bar

Guilty as charged: I’ve lived in Puerto Vallarta for almost seven years, and I didn’t set foot at this sushi restaurant, favorite of many, until this week. My colleague Juan Pablo and I were visiting businesses that won VirtualVallarta.com’s latest Readers’ Choice Awards in order to take a few snapshots for a video we’re putting together for the upcoming ceremony. I’m almost certain that Tsunami has won in the “Best Sushi” category ever since the poll was started over five years ago, and I was eagerly looking forward to my first visit. Tsunami is located in Plaza Villas Vallarta, in the heart of the Hotel Zone, so it’s easily reachable by public transportation. Upon arriving we were hoping to take a basic shot of the restaurant, which is small and intimate. However, Chef Marcos Hugo Castellón Becerra wouldn’t have it that way, and immediately went out of his way and offered us a quick sampling of his wonderful creations. He was quite the hospitable host!

And so much goes into creating sushi: it is food that is not only beautifully presented, it is an absolute treat to photograph as well, not to mention savor! The good ol’ macro lens and available light was enough to capture its essence. Needless to say, we didn’t get to try the entire menu, but I certainly got a better feel for what the fuss is all about, and without a doubt, will be back soon to sample more of their amazing menu.

Tsunami Sushi Bar
Villas Vallarta Local 32 A
(322) 224-0105

2 thoughts on “Tsunami Sushi Bar

  1. Congrats, Paco, for making it to this fine restaurant. It became my fave Japanese spot a number of years ago. The food presentation and freshness of ingredients are superb!


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