Meet the Ultimate Martini Skewers

I was so tickled when I paid a visit to Cassandra Shaw Jewelry the other day and found the Shaw sisters neatly organizing their new creations. They routinely travel through Mexico, particularly to Taxco, the well-known silver jewelry destination, in search of unique new designs to offer at this very chic location. This time around, the find was more whimsical than chic: tiny silver charms designed to be worn on a necklace or bracelet. But by attaching a fine silver skewer to them, they were immediately transformed into the ultimate must-have accessory for your next stylish shindig. The motifs are silly and playful, from a convertible VW to a matador vest, by way of Mexico’s top icon, the Virgin Mary, so you can even pick and choose your favorites or purchase them as tailored guests for your favorite friends.

And if you live in Puerto Vallarta and the name rings a bell, Cassandra’s memorable postcard campaign featuring Bean and Leo, her two Chihuahua dogs has been going on for years, with new postcards appearing every season. And guess who has the pleasure of photographing them?


Cassandra Shaw Jewelry
Basilio Badillo 276
(322) 223-9734

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