ChocoBanana Gets a Makeover

While it is commonly known that the Olas Altas neighborhood is a great area to make friends and people watch, this corner gets particularly high scores. Owner and friend Debbi Egan recently remodeled, replacing larger, tables for these cozy ones. And the good thing about ChocoBanana is that it is open from early morning to late evening, making it just as wonderful for an early morning smoothie, an afternoon cocktail, or a late night glass of wine. Of course, we owe it to Tracie Willis, who started ChocoBanana about 15 years ago. She actually began selling them on the beach using a cooler. Now she’s comfortably settled at her Sayulita location. You may ask, what is a chocobanana? Well, there is banana and chocolate involved. But perhaps it’s best to demonstrate how one properly addresses one with a photograph. Open wide!

January 2009 Update: ChocoBanana and Banana Cantina now offer free wi-fi access, a great bonus if you want to have a nice meal and brag to your friends online about your wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta!

Amapas & Púlpito
Colonia Emiliano Zapata
(322) 222-2114

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbi says:

    Paco as always you captivate me from the opening line and then keep me interested right to the last word.
    One request, phone number for chocobananacantina is 222 2114.
    Love you, Deb


  2. Paco Ojeda says:

    You mean I can call ahead and have a chocobananamollete waiting for me? How tempting!


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