San Pancho Recycles, and Much More

San Pancho Bottles

What may seem like the aftermath of a truly wild party is actually not. Truly committed not only to the environment, but also to empowering locals into creating a cottage industry of their own, the town of San Pancho has taken recycling to the next level by repurposing empty glass bottles into useful household items. The project is spearheaded by EntreAmigos, which means “among friends,” a volunteer organization whose mission is to improve educational and enrichment opportunities for the children of San Pancho, regardless of ability to pay.

These products, along with many other handcrafted items created by artists living in the community are available at EntreAmigos’ Art & Gift Gallery. Other programs and community projects coordinated by EntreAmigos include planting festivals, the creation and upkeep of a children’s park created out of discarded recycled goods, and an increasing collection of books available at the Library Center (above the gift shop) where computers connected to the Internet are also available. EntreAmigos’ brand-new website should be completed by the time you read this, if not soon thereafter. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the other recycled products available at the Art & Gift Gallery by checking out the image gallery below.

Ave. Tercer Mundo
San Francisco, Nayarit

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